In 2006, Rory had an idea to design clothes that made women feel pretty, sexy, and comfortable.  She turned to her mother to see if she could help her produce a line.  At the time her mother was producing movies and she thought, “How different can it be to produce a line of clothes than producing a movie?”

So began Rory Beca in her parent's kitchen.

Rory developed her first collection based around a silk tunic called the “Rizzo,” which came in bright colors and prints, was versatile, and fit every body type. 

 After a few stores saw the piece, word spread, and Rory and her mom couldn’t produce the dresses fast enough. With that the Rory Beca brand was born.

Today, Rory Beca is one of the fastest growing, most in-demand collections across the country (and overseas in Europe and Asia). In just five years, Rory has taken a small brand known for tops and dresses to a full collection sold at over 250 boutiques and department stores worldwide