At Social Dress Shop, we’ve been around the party block enough times to know
that there is no better fashion statement than confidence. And not just the chin-
up, power-walk type of confidence—we’re talking about the unadulterated-
radiance, light-in-your-eyes, smiling-from-within, light-up-a-room kind of
confidence that comes from feeling amazing.

We’re no rocket scientists or doctoral candidates in psychology here, but we’re
pretty positive that looking great and feeling incredible go hand in hand. And
that’s where we come in!

Social Dress Shop prides itself on offering a hand-curated collection of party pretty
dresses for a variety of occasions –from weddings to cocktail parties, holiday
gatherings to showers, and date nights to nights out on the town. We love to mix
big name designers with our favorite upstarts, always with an eye for beautiful
shapes, gorgeous colors and unexpected details.

"Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman
who is wearing it."
— Yves Saint-Laurent